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Pest Control – Santee, CA

 Let Us Protect You and Your Home

What you need to know about pest control – Santee, CA

Pests can range from small to large, and the amount of problems they can cause vary widely, so you should be prepared with some basic knowledge about pest control. An important tool of pest control is identification. Understanding exactly what is plaguing your house will go a long way in finding the best solution to your infestation problems. That’s why it’s always important to keep your eyes peeled and always be on the lookout for any clues as to what might be lurking in your own house. If you feel the problem is getting worse, don’t wait and contact a professional pest control service in Santee, CA today.

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Ant Control - Santee, CA

Out of sight shouldn’t mean out of mind. Ants are a small but extremely dangerous pest. They carry bacteria on their bodies which contaminate food and transmit disease. Ants can nest anywhere in your house, with colonies that can grow to over 300,000.

Our technicians are trained to identify the root of the situation, implement the necessary removal strategy, and monitor your home or building. Ant control is an on-going process, and we are fully prepared to provide you with first-rate service until the infestation has been completely eradicated.

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Spider Control - Santee, CA

Most spiders are no more than an unsettling nuisance crawling around your ceiling. However, the few that pose a risk can deliver fatal venomous bites. It’s better to be safe than sorry. San Diego Pest Management technicians are trained to quickly identify the species lurking around your home, create a perimeter to seal potential entryways, and implement a solution to stop the reproduction cycle and clear the current infestation.

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Rodent Control - Santee, CA

Don’t let your rodent problem go from bad to worse. You need the analysis, knowledge, and protection that only a San Diego Pest Management professional can provide.  Rodents are rapid breeders, producing dozens of offspring per year. Their presence in your home is extremely dangerous as they host disease and contaminate food with fur and saliva. Call San Diego Pest Management today to schedule a consultation before your rodent problem gets out of hand.

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Cockroach Control - Santee, CA

Don’t bug out when you see a cockroach. Call San Diego Pest Management at first sight so we can exterminate the pest before they reproduce. Cockroaches are masters at hiding in dark spaces, and often only move around at night. San Diego Pest Management will perform a full interior and exterior inspection of your home and lay down a treatment to secure your residence. We guarantee successful cockroach protection until the pests are completely gone.

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Wasps & Yellowjackets - Santee, CA

To accurately take care of a wasp and yellowjacket related problem, you need an expert who can quickly and accurately identify the species and knows how make your insect removal safe and effective. You’ll get just that and more when you schedule a consultation with one of San Diego Pest Management’s knowledgeable technicians. Bee and wasp stings cause between 50 and 100 deaths each year. Don’t take the risk and call San Diego Pest Management today.

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Bed Bug Control - Santee, CA

Don’t sleep on bedbugs. All it takes is a single female to re-infest your home with over 1,000 new eggs in the span of just a few months. San Diego Pest Management is equipped to accurately assess your situation, target the core of your infestation and securely remove all bedbugs from your property. We offer an ongoing solution that includes regular check-ins to ensure the pests are eliminated permanently.

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How Does it work?


Step 1

Get your free estimate

The first thing that a lot of people think about when they think of hiring an exterminator is how much it’s going to cost. We understand that things are tight, and you have to be careful with how you use your money. Nobody wants anyone to be put into the poor house just to get rid of a nasty bug problem. That’s why we offer free estimates to all of our customers when they are interested in hiring us for a job. You can use this information to shop around, try to find the best price and do what’s right for you. Remember quality of service is most important, you generally get what you pay for. Cheap is rarely good, and good is rarely cheap!

Step 2

Our team performs an inspection!

Once you’ve hired us we will perform a routine inspection of the premises to try and find the source of the infestation or identify said infestation if it hasn’t already been done so. We make sure to be as thorough as possible, as finding the source of the infestation is a top priority so that we can exterminate it. Your personal space is important to us, and we would never violate it in any way. It is our hope to have open communications with you, so that we can resolve this problem seamlessly and without any issues. You matter to us as customers, and we want to help you in your time of need.

Step 3

Treatment & IPM

After the payment has been decided and the inspection has been finished, finally we begin with the treatment of the infestation. Using our new Integrated Pest Management system, we take advanced steps to not only ensure the infestation is taken care of, but also to make certain they don’t come back. Unlike other pest control exterminator services, when we say we’re going to get the job done, we mean it. It doesn’t matter how tough the challenge, we’ll get it done in order to keep you and what you care about safe. Pests of all kinds know to run as soon as they see us coming, and you know that your home is safe in our hands.

Step 4

We follow up/Our recurring service

San Diego Pest Management guarantees a comprehensive solution for the entire lifecycle of your pest problem. We will schedule follow-ups to ensure everything meets the San Diego Pest Management standard of quality until your infestation has been completely terminated. This includes quick response times if you have an emergency and dynamic services customized to solve your specific case. San Diego Pest Management won’t rest until you can.

Residential and commercial

Santee, CA

Pest Control – Santee, CA


Bugs and pests of all kinds can do an incredible amount of damage, both to your house and to your family. You need a professional residential pest control service in Santee that offers you a complete peace of mind.

Sometimes it’s not enough just to handle the occasional infestation, you need someone capable of making regular trips to keep your home safe from pests. That’s were San Diego Pest Management comes in to provide you with the protection you need to keep your home safe from pests all year long with our proven services.

With our unique residential pest control in Santee, we make sure that bugs and other pests have a hard time getting into your home. Regular inspections combined with necessary spraying will make certain that any possibility of an infestation is taken care of before it becomes a problem. You’ll be satisfied completely with our service as we turn your home into an impenetrable fortress against all kinds of pests that want to take refuge in your house.

For the Best Pest Control in Santee, Call us today at (800) 420-5233!


Prevention is the strongest method in keeping your home or business safe from pests that could cause big damages to your holdings. You’ll be amazed at the easy steps you can take to keep those creepy crawlies out of your building. Bugs and rodents are always on the lookout for a place to take over, so you should be on the lookout for the signs of things on the rise. Keep on the lookout, and make sure to keep things clean, as pests love to live in filth. With this, and a lot more of what we offer, you can stay proactive in being pest free.


Rodents are sneaky, cunning little things that can reach into tight spaces and make their nests in your home. They can bring in tons of harmful disease into your house, either through their waste or from the parasites that hitch a ride on them. Your house is worth protecting, and you deserve only the best in terms of extermination skills.

When there’s a serious rodent problem, you need all the help you can get. That’s why with our expert knowledge on dealing with pesky pests, your home will be safe from rats, mice and all other rodents that want to take advantage of your hard work.


Gophers are crafty little pests. They can tear up your lawns and leave multiple holes that can seriously injure someone if they step in the wrong place. Getting rid of these pests is a definite challenge, one you may not be prepared for. That’s why you need professional help to take on that kind of advanced problem. By using our advanced training and equipment, we can flush out the gopher without another thought given to it. Once we’re finished with the infestation, the gophers will be gone and you’ll have a beautiful lawn once again. It’s your home, protect it with our quality services.

Pest Control – Santee, CA


As a business owner, it’s important to make sure your space is of an acceptable condition for both your workers and your customers. That’s where pesky pests and critters can put that in jeopardy and worst of all, you could end up eating the cost of their unwelcome stay.

Fortunately for you, San Diego Pest Management is here to keep your commercial space free of pests, keeping your products, your employees and your customers safe and happy.

San Diego Pest Management offers a great deal in keeping your property protected against things like mice, termites, wasps, mosquitoes and so much more. If it crawls, creeps or flies, San Diego Pest Management can exterminate it, keeping your investment safe from harm.

By performing regular inspections, we can stay proactive in keeping bugs and critters where they aren’t welcome, preventing them from spreading disease and possibly injuring someone as well. You’ve got enough on your mind without worrying about pests getting in and wreaking havoc. Let us worry about the bugs, and you can stay focused on your business. Getting rid of pests is our specialty, and our work speaks for itself.

If you need professional commercial pest control services in Santee, please contact us today.


Running a restaurant is an expensive investment, one that can be threatened by a nasty infestation of bugs and animals just waiting to get into your establishment. Pests can cause shutdowns, make people sick and ruin your reputation as a business owner. There is absolutely no question that pests are not to be taken lightly, which is why you need to do everything you can to be ready for when they come knocking on your front door.

With our expert help and with our Integrated Pest Management system, you will be able to put your mind at ease, and focus on your business of feeding hungry customers. 


Warehouses are big places, with lots of expensive items that you don’t want ruined. Pests don’t care about how much these items cost to your business, all they care about is eating and making their homes in your buildings. Stay proactive with our tips to make sure your investment stays safe. Keep your business safe with our tips and tricks to identify an infestation and to keep your business safe. Don’t wait until you’re faced with an expensive problem. With our expert knowledge you’ll be ready when a hungry critter or pest comes looking to your warehouse for a free meal.


The hospitality business is all about making your customer feel welcome and comfy. Having pests invade your home isn’t just a problem, it can destroy your reputation and send potential customers running. That’s why it’s so important to know the signs to look for before it gets serious, or it could cost you everything.

By taking these steps to protect your business you will not only keep your business free of pests but your reputation will remain intact as it should. Your guests spend their money on an experience of hospitality and comfort in your place of business, and they shouldn’t have to worry about finding an unexpected guest along with them.