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The common female house spider can produce more than 1,600 eggs throughout her lifetime. While most household spiders are harmless, several species can be incredibly dangerous and at times even lethal. Spiders are masters of disguise, often hiding in the deep corners of your home that you cannot see or reach.

When you contact San Diego Pest Management for spider extermination, we will provide a comprehensive inspection of your home or business. We will then suggest an affordable, effective, and safe treatment solution that will eradicate spiders from the premises.

 Our spider removal services in San Diego include:

  • A spider control solution that cuts off the infestation at its root while creating a secure perimeter to keep other pests away.
  • Professional analysis of spider species to target the correct plan of action, and track the pests down to their hiding spaces.
  • Examination of all potential cracks, crevices, and points of entry, followed by sealant or recommended non-chemical treatment. This may include web clearing, spraying infected areas, flushing regiments, and more.
  • Minimum disruption to your daily life.

San Diego Pest Management recommends leaving spiders alone until having a professional confirm the safety of the situation. While many infestations pose more annoyance than danger, they can occasionally involve poisonous spiders that would require immediate medical attention if bitten.



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