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Rodent Control

Residential and Commercial Rodent Control Services
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Get rid of Rodents before its too late!

Rodents can be very destructive to your property!  Rats, mice and other rodents can carry numerous diseases and cause you health problems. The time to act is NOW! Rodent populations can grow at an alarming rate. Contact us immediately to gain control of these pests. Our process is:

Step 1


One of our professionally trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your property, we will identify signs of rodent activity and entry points into your structure. After our initial inspection, our technician will outline a detailed plan to address your specific rodent problems for you.


After the inspection our pest control experts will give you recommendations on sealing up the home to prevent entry. Rodent proofing your home is probably he most important step in gaining control. Any holes or gaps larger than 1/4 inch will need to be sealed permanently. 


Our programs include a trapping service for the interior of any structure to catch all the rodents and remove them. We include an exterior baiting program to help reduce the large populations that are around the exterior of the home or property, this will help reduce the possibility of rodents entering your structure.


Rodent control requires constant monitoring and maintenance. Our Premium Care Plus and our Premium Care Complete programs include rodent control and monitoring. This is highly important to maintain this service to prevent property damage, disease spreading, and to make your home safe.



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Rodent Control San Diego, CA | San Diego Pest Management

Rat and Mice

There are a lot of different pests out there in the world, but rats and mice are a special threat that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As unassuming as they appear, rats and mice commonly carry harmful diseases and parasites that can put you at risk. If you’ve been exposed to their saliva, droppings or blood then you could potentially contract dangerous, even fatal diseases.

Rats and mice don’t just affect your health, they can do serious damage to your home or business. They can gnaw right through wires, drywall and wood, keeping you up at night with their constant gnawing, all the while destroying the very foundation of your home.

Squirrel control from San Diego Pest Management. We use trapping methods that are safe for your children and pets.


Gopher removal is not an easy process if handled incorrectly. They tend to dig extensively, and their feeding habits often destroy gardens and plant life, wreaking havoc on your lawn. At San Diego Pest Management, our technicians have been put through the proper training to safely and effectively remove underground pests without further damaging the surrounding environment. Our full-fledged gopher removal solutions will ensure that the issue is eliminated for good.

Gopher Trapping - San Diego Pest Management


The subterranean guest turning your yard into an unsightly mess. Moles may not sound like a “dangerous” pest, but they can quickly cause heaps of damage. Rarely surfacing, moles do all of their  massive damage underground by digging hills that uproot gardens and create collapsible tunnels that are a hazard for small children. Consult with an expert San Diego Pest Management professional before experimenting with mole removal on your own as they have sharp teeth and will bite when threatened.

Squirrel Trapping San Diego, CA | San Diego Pest Management


They scurry up trees and power lines, hide nuts for the winter, and can be a major menace to your home. While it’s true they can be cute and affectionate, that is no reason to go anywhere near them. Squirrels, just like any other rodent, can carry dangerous diseases and parasites. Just like rats or mice, a squirrel can gnaw through wires, knocking out your internet, cable or even phone lines. Protecting your home and your family from rodents of all kinds is paramount, including those rambunctious squirrels. We have the expertise to make sure that your home and loved ones are safe and sound while critters like squirrels keep their distance.

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