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Wasps and Yellowjackets

Wasps and yellow jackets are some of the most aggressive insects in the wild. These bugs can do serious harm with their stingers, even more so if they attack in a vicious swarm.

Wherever there’s a nest, you can be certain that the wasps and yellow jackets that live there are going to defend it as fiercely as possible. Do not try to take care of it yourself, call a professional; call San Diego Pest Management team today.

Our extermination specialists will work with utmost care to remove the hive from your property, making certain that no other wasps and yellow jackets survive to make another hive down the road. Only once the all clear has been given will it be officially okay to go into the area once again. It is imperative that you do not disturb the professionals while they are working, as dealing with wasp or yellow jacket hives is a delicate operation, and any disturbances could cause harm both to yourself and to the exterminator. Safety is our main priority, so make certain to do as the exterminator says and allow them to do their job.

Taking on such an aggressive species is a tough job, which is why you should leave it to the experts to take care of it. If you see a hive, don’t risk it. Give San Diego Pest Management a call and we will remove it safely and professionally. There’s no need to risk your own health just to deal with a few bugs that have set up a shop in your backyard.



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