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Whether you live in San Diego inland or closer to the ocean, you’re going to have issues with ants in Southern California! Ant infestations can be very frustrating. Ants enter your home through small cracks and once inside they travel inside the walls and come out everywhere. The scout ants leave a chemical trail with pheromones that other ants can follow. Once they have found a reliable source of food or water the rest of the colony is not far behind! The ant colonies are generally located in and around the foundation walls, under concrete slabs and many other places that give them a good place to establish a colony.

The Argentine ant is the most common ant we get here in the San Diego area, and throughout southern California. They are an invasive species and very troublesome to homeowners and businesses. Argentine ants form very large colonies, known as supercolonies. 

The team here at San Diego Pest Management have the expertise to identify the ant species infesting your home and locate the colonies. Our experienced technicians use this information to develop a custom protection plan for your home year-round. We will also provide you with information and suggested tips to help seal pennies and prevent entry to your home. Stop putting it off, call San Diego Pest Management today and let us reduce your stress and eliminate your ant problems for good! 



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