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Termites can be a problem throughout the year in Coronado.
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Termites can be a problem throughout the year in Coronado. It’s no secret to local residents that Coronado has one of the best climates. Unfortunately, termites do not disagree! When these little creatures invade our homes, they can cause great damage.

San Diego Pest Management: Termite Control in Coronado

Termite inspections are essential for the early detection of termite activity on your property. When a termite infestation is detected earlier, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding large-scale damage and expensive repairs. When you request an inspection from San Diego Pest Management, we will evaluate the conditions of the property and find out what makes it prone to different types of termites and wood-destroying organisms.

What to expect from your termite inspection:

  • One of our specialists will discuss any concerns or needs you may have. The specialist will also give you a complete description of what is involved in the inspection.
  • The specialist will examine both the outside and inside of the property, including the attic, patios, porches, garage, and basement. The specialist also will search for termites (dead or alive), termite pellets, termite wings, and termite tubes.
  • Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a report that describes anything the specialist found, whether it be the pests themselves or damage they left behind.

Don’t hesitate to contact, call San Diego Pest Management for termite control in Coronado at 800-420-5233 or request an inspection here Termite Inspection Request.



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