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Cockroaches have been around for over 350 million years. They can adapt to almost any environment and have proven their ability to survive in the toughest conditions. If you believe there is an active infestation in your home or office, call San Diego Pest Management as soon as possible so we can schedule an appointment and ensure that the situation is handled quickly and effectively.

We follow a three-step process when dealing with cockroaches for a complete blueprint that accounts for your present and future needs.


  1. This is an important element in our extermination process. There are several thousand species of cockroaches, and understanding their characteristics is a key component in providing our customers with the best solution possible.

 San Diego Pest Management specialists have been trained to differentiate between common household cockroaches and will be able to deliver specifically crafted services to annihilate your pest problem.

Our specialist will provide a full report detailing the possible causes of your pest problem along with prevention advice and education.


Treatment, Seal and Secure

We understand that cockroaches can be hard to find. They are experts at hiding in crevices and reproduce quickly. San Diego Pest Management exterminators are trained to uncover entry points, and seal them to prevent further access.  Treatments performed for cockroaches are based on what species they are.  Some treatments include many IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approaches to gain full control.  These can include the use of non-pesticide products like glue traps and monitors and pheromone traps.

Post-Treatment Follow-up

Cockroach problems can be very difficult to control, hence the need for us to have you on a recurring service program to prevent them from coming back. Our preventative pest control programs are designed to help homeowners and business owners from having problems again. We will return to check on the activity and perform additional treatments as needed to ensure 100% elimination from your property!

Keep cockroaches out for good with the best cockroach removal services in San Diego.



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