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Don’t let termites consume your home... or wear down your peace of mind!
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Get rid of Termite before its too late!

Don’t let termites consume your home… or wear down your peace of mind! Most homeowners are unaware of termite infestation. If left untreated, termite damage can total thousands of dollars to your home. Like any other pests, they need to be controlled, and the best way to do it is with the help of termite control experts.

San Diego Pest Management: Termite Control in National City

Our service guarantees that your family and your home will never have to worry about termites again. We offer a Premium Termite Protection Plan!

San Diego Pest Management has years of experience in pest control. We have performed thousands of termite treatments for homeowner associations, apartment complexes, condos, commercial properties, and residential homeowners. We specialize in handling inspections for real estate purchases and loan refinancing.

Our licensed inspectors in pest control are highly trained and have years of experience with all wood destroying organisms. We can help with pest control of your properties to keep them safe and damage-free. For termite control in National City, call San Diego Pest Management!

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San Diego Pest Management will use our experience and professional training to conduct a full inspection of your home or business. Our inspectors will look for possible entry points to discover where termite activity is concentrated. Inspections may vary in length of time depending on the size and complexity of features in and around the home.

Remember that termite infestations can be difficult to catch without a full inspection. Have your home inspected for termite damage once a year. This will ensure that a termite problem can be found before the damage gets out of control.

For termite control in National City, call San Diego Pest Managementat 800-420-5233 or request an inspection here Termite Inspection Request.



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