Termite Control Chula Vista

Termite Control: Chula Vista

For termite control in Chula Vista, call San Diego Pest Management! We have 35 years of experience in pest control and have performed more than 16,900 termite treatments for homeowner associations, apartment complexes, condos, commercial properties, and residential homeowners. We specialize in conducting inspections for real estate purchases and loan refinancing.

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Chula Vista Termite Control Experts

San Diego Pest Management is the number one company for termite control in Chula Vista!

The services we offer include:

Local Termite Treatments: spot treatment is the best option for minor infestations, or situations where fumigating the entire building is not an option. Same day treatments available!

Subterranean Termite Treatment: a protective barrier to keep underground termites away from your home.

Heat Treatments: a 100% chemical-free treatment option.

Termite Fumigation: the only method that will completely eliminate termites from the entire structure. Fumigation comes with a three-year guarantee, meaning that we will perform any necessary treatments without charge for three years after you have fumigation done.

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Interesting Facts

The termites in your building will start dying a day or two after treatment.

Treatment is completely safe to humans if administered by a qualified expert like San Diego Pest Management.

A colony can cause visible damage to a home within three years and can effectively destroy the wooden parts of the home in eight.

Soldier termites have the ability to bite, but their jaws are too small to cause serious harm. However, the bite can burn and itch.

There are more than 2000 different species of termite in the world, 40 of which live in the United States.

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