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Gophers create a devastating headache for property owners! They aggressively destroy landscapes, gardens, yards, and more. Their tunnels can span from 50 feet to 100 feet in width, often harboring many complex passages and tunnels. Uneven land from underground burrowing increases the risk of personal injuries and potential liability issues.

On occasion, gophers can even gnaw through water lines and sprinkler systems resulting in damaged soil and costly replacement measures.

It is important to get rid of gophers as quickly as possible before they start producing offspring around your home. For the best in gopher control and safety, you need San Diego Pest Management’s removal services. Our technicians have been trained to deal with critters of all shapes and sizes in an appropriate fashion.

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Affordable payment options and customizable planning that work with your schedule.

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Safe and effective removal without the use of dangerous pesticides or products that lead to secondary poisoning.


Year-round protection due to the active seasonal habits of gophers


Comprehensive follow-ups and a full report detailing our service along with education to future-proof your home


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Gopher Control Customer Reviews

San Diego Pest Management Customers

mendez Family

Bees came in our home thru our chimney. San Diego Pest Management was on within an hour to our property and the price was fair.  The serviceman explained the service, treated and the bees were gone. We also signed up for a pest service with them and it’s great.

San Diego Pest Management | Bee Removal Customers

steve and tina

San Diego Pest Management is the best!! John was extremely friendly and knowledgable. He explained the process from start to finish, everything was very easy. I will be recommending this company to everyone! Thank you guys!

San Diego Pest Management | Rodent Control customer testimonials

rebecca & walter

Woke up to creepy noises in my attic space, called this company after-hours and got a live person. They came out the same night and I was able to sleep knowing it was taken care of. They followed up for a few more visits and the problem is gone. High quality service!

San Diego Pest Management customer review


We were experiencing scratching in our attic space. Got online and found this local company and they came out right away same day and got our issues resolved. I highly recommend them. They were very professional, on time and really showed they cared.